Save the Phones!

More Damage Examples
 These are actual photos that I sent to shippers to document damage.
WE500D in pieces
Damaged in Shipment.  Phone was placed in a large box with only a few sheets of crumpled newspaper as padding.

Typical Princess Phone Damage
Princess cases are especially fragile.  Typically crack at the two sides and near connectors.  It can help to loosen the case screws about 1/4 turn, to relieve some of the stress.

Amplicall in pieces
Multiple items were in the box, with only some crumpled newspaper for padding.
Bakelite is especially vulnerable.

WE1500D with hole in cradle
Handset was on the cradle.  Side impact drove it through the case.

AE Spacesaver with parts broken off
Not only was the case cracked, metal welds were broken!
SC Miniwall with corners cracked
Sent in non-corrugated box with minimal padding.

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