Save the Phones!
Telephone Shipping Guidelines:
   1. SEPARATE THE BASE AND HANDSET:  Never ship a phone with the handset sitting on the cradle!

   2. REMOVE OR PROTECT ANY PROTRUDING PARTS:   For example, things like magneto handles and bakelite transmitter mouthpieces should be unscrewed (counterclockwise).   Candlestick hookswitches should  be protected by a cardboard tube or lots of firm padding.

    3. WRAP AND PAD EACH PART SEPARATELY:  Use several layers of large-bubble bubble wrap or other thick padding material.  Bakelite and Princess phones should NEVER be padded with paper.  Paper is a poor choice of padding material for phones, as it does not absorb shock well.  Flat paper transmits most shock directly to the item. Crumpled paper is not strong enough to cushion heavy phones - it compresses when the item is dropped.  Padding that traps air works best -- bubble wrap with one inch bubbles or thick foam seem best for phones.

    4. TAPE THE PADDING AROUND EACH PART, so it won't come off during transit.  Make sure all parts of items are protected, such as the ends of handsets and the sides of Princess phone bases.  (Masking tape or other easily removable tape permits recycling of materials.)

   5. TAPE ALL PARTS IN THE SHIPMENT TOGETHER, so they won't hit each other when the shipper throws the box around.  (No need to "mummify" it.  A few tape strips work fine.)

    6. Use a LARGE, HIGH QUALITY, CORRUGATED shipping container.  Allow several inches for padding on all six sides of the item!

    7. FILL THE BOX FIRMLY WITH FIRM PADDING MATERIAL.  UPS recommends several inches between the item and all six box sides for fragile items, in case the box is punctured. Styrofoam or other material can be used here.  Large air filled padding is risky -- especially if made of relatively thin plastic.  If even one or two sections are punctured, the item can bounce around inside the box.  Please use bubble wrap instead.

If shipping items of different weights in one large box, put the lighter, more fragile item in a cardboard box to protect it from the larger item. 
Jim recommends making padding "pillows" by filling plastic bags with styrofoam peanuts.  This helps keep the mess under control, and they can be easily reused.
  For UPS recommendations, see  and search for "packing guidelines."

 Money saving tips
But check boxes carefully and reinforce any weak spots with strong packing tape.
Make sure the box is strong enough to support the weight of the item.
Most shippers charge by weight.  Bubble wrap and styrofoam weigh less than newspaper.
Use paper only for durable phones, NEVER for bakelite or Princess phones!
USPS First Class if under 1 pound
USPS Priority for up to about 10 pounds
UPS or FedEx Ground for over about 7 pounds

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