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Western Electric Indianapolis Plant

Indianapolis Works, 2525 Shadeland Ave, Indianapolis, Ind, 46206

Most telephones beginning with the 500-type were made here from 1950 - 1986.
Bell Telephone Laboratories had facilities to work with WE on new set design and production.
Experimental and Field Trial sets were made in small batches.

This page highlights commemorative items produced for and by the plant.

See the WE Facilities Directory, 1967 at:

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Shoecase Set
Design Line Showcase Phone

Commemorating the closing of the plant in 1986 and the plant's operation from 1948-86.

Showcase phone on the Design Line Page
Princess Key chains given to attendees of the Indianapolis Plant Open House - September 1959

Key chains are flat, unlike the Princess key chains usually seen.
Some were made without the last two text lines for general use.

Princess Keychains
                - Indianapolis - 1959
Replica Civil War Era Encased Stamp

Produced for the Indiana Sesquicentennial - 1966
by the Indianapolis Plant Stamp & Coin Club

Encased Stamp

One Encased Stamp is mounted on the mailer with the "stamp" side visible. The "coin" side is not seen.
A mint U.S. postage stamp is enclosed under a plastic cover.

A second Encased Stamp on the white card shows the "coin" side.
The stamped advertisement reads:

Western Electric

Enclosed Stamp
WE AGB Stamp Coin
Alexander Graham Bell Encased Stamp - 1969

Produced by the Indianapolis Plant Stamp & Coin Club using the Canadian stamp that was issued in 1947.

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