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Contempra with Broadcast Coupler

Northern Telecom

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Contempra with Broadcast Coupler
Contempra (L), with Broadcast Port (R)
Standard Contempra on left

D1QA ringer

Contempra with Broadcast Coupler on right

M-type ringer - smaller to make room for the coupler circuitry.

Marked in ink (upper left): TCS-1152B1L,2A
Contempra Broadcast Jacks and switch
Wiring to jacks and switch on right side of phone

1/4" phone jack and two pin-tip jacks for audio input.

DPDT switch selects either phone or broadcast function
Coupler circuitry

Coupler corcuitry
Box holding coupler circuitry

The bracket is only screwed down on one side
Contempra with Broadcast Coupler - bottom Marked on the bottom in ink: COUPLER BDCST-PORT

Two screws added to hold the M-type ringer.
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©2016 paulf.  All rights reserved.