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As telephone collectors feverishly pursue the potbellies, wood wall magneto phones, one each of anything made by Western Electric and all the other treasures documented in the collector publications, we often trip over things we weren't looking for, or unusual variations that give us lots of pleasure.
(And are often much cheaper!)

This site began as a single page of hand-coded HTML in the mid-1990s as a place to showcase a few telephone-related oddities found at yard sales and flea markets.  I've kept the vintage look and feel to help us remember how the internet looked in simpler times. It obviously displays best on a laptop or monitor.
With the encouragement of and contributions from fellow collectors, the site has grown to include reference information for phone enthusiasts as well.

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Follow the links to find some examples I've run across in my travels.
Many of these aren't covered well in the typical collector publications.
Be sure to follow links within the pages for more details.  Enjoy!

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Telephone Curiosities
Dial Desk Phones
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Telephones in the Movies and on TV
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Reference Charts and Entertainment for Collectors
Help identify your phone

Lists of Western & Northern Electric models by series:
WE Desk Telephone Identification
Bell System Practices
WE Handset Mounting Type ID
Bell System Publications
Handset & "Butt" Set ID Teletrainers
Data Phones
WE 3500 (Autovon)    Princess    Trimline Designer Sets:   TeleConcepts    TeleQuest
Design Line    WE Card Dialers   Number Plates
Northern Telecom "Imagination" Sets
WE Field Trial Sets and Prototypes
NE Uniphone     Contempra
Commemorative Telephones

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Note:  Many of the photos on this site were contributed from fellow collectors and site visitors.

While I do not currently own most of the phones shown, I do have duplicates of some of the phones on this site not shown on the Phones for Sale page.
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Entire site 1997-2024 paulf.  All rights reserved.