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Glow Phone

Western Electric Design Line
Model 2905

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Glow Phone Box

Glow phone - WE 2905
(Photos from Steve Schlink)

Normally the front panel is flat and featureless.
When the handset is lifted, the numbers are illuminated from below.

Just tap the numbers to dial.

If you run your finger over the surface, you can feel slight ridges in a grid pattern around the  numbers.
As you approach a ridge, the tone stops.  After crossing into the next area, the tone for that digit sounds.
Glow Phone - Lamp Circuit Board
The illumination comes from a bank of  10 incandescent lamps mounted on a circuit board, which makes user replacement possible.
Glow Phone Bulb
Each bulb has its own holder and is stamped "56."

Specifications for a standard #56 miniature bulb are:
  5 Volt 0.115 Amp
  T1-3/4 Sub-Miniature Glass Wedge  Base
  0.15 MSCP C-2R Filament Design.
  20,000 Average Rated Hours
  0.80" Maximum Overall Length.
Glow Phone Transformer
Power is supplied by a captive (hardwired) transformer that plugs directly into a wall outlet.

120V  60HZ 7W
SEC 5.0V  5.6VA

31B6  CLASS 2
Glow Phone Internals
Glow Phone - Internals

This is definitely not your Father's 500 set!

Includes several Western Electric integrated circuits:
  677N dated III-82 (left rear under ribbon cable)
  677G dated I-83 (right of ribbon cable connector)
  502HY dated 1282 (right rear)

The "OFF" pushbutton (left rear) is for ringer cutoff.

The slider (left front) is for ringer volume.

The carrier for the lamp circuit board is the central column on the top plate.  Power is supplied through the red and white wires.

BSP 503-200-134 covers the Glow Phone.  Find a copy here:
Big Button Phone Internals
For comparison, here is the internal view of the Big Button Phone, which uses similar components and packaging.

Includes several WE integrated circuits:
  677H dated III-82 (left rear)
  677G dated IV-82 (right of ringer cutoff switch)
  502HY dated 0183 (right rear)

The "OFF" pushbutton (left rear) is for ringer cutoff.

The slider (left front) is for ringer volume.

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