Check Protector

[Check Protector (photo) - unmarked
perforates digits and $ 3/8" high - SOLD]
[Smith Premier No.2 Typewriter with metal case and original wood shipping crate - SOLD]

Check Protector ca. 1885 - J.N.Williams - Automatic Bank Punch Co., NYC
perforates digits and $ 5/16" high
Wooden knob for each digit on carousel

Cummins Initial Machine 

[Cummins Initial Machine, pat. 1889 - B.F.Cummins Co
exclusively for J.B.Mast Co, New York
perforates alphabetic letters 3/4" high - SOLD]
(Was used to personalize hat bands.  Interesting.)

[The Challenge Pencil Sharpener, pat. 1900 - Cook & Grover, Lynn, MA - SOLD]
Burroughs Calculator (Comptometer-style)
9-digit entry, 10-digit display
(Long or short leg models)

Allen Wales electric adding machine, 8-digit
American Adding Machine, Model 5, pat. 1912
American Can Company
7-digit entry, 8-digit display
(other adding machines available)
Esterbrook Fountain Pen Desk Sets

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