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Rauland Amplicall Detail

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Rauland Amplicall  Amplicall in Mason's office

Amplicall  3406H Master front view                              Amplicall on Perry Mason's desk

Kellogg Handset                                               Handset and Cradle (Back View)
Kellogg Handset   Handset and Cradle (Back View)

Della answers    Della talking

Rauland 2100M Remote Extension Speaker
Rauland Extension Speaker   Rauland Speaker
Connector Plug
Rauland Amplicall  Connector Plug

Amplicall Group - Doug Pav

Rauland 2100S Remote                                3424 Master                                                           2106 Master                  

(Photo from Doug Pav's collection)

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©2002-9 paulf.  All rights reserved.