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Soft Touch Tone Dialer Add-on

Buscom Systems, Inc.  Santa Clara, CA

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Soft Touch installed on WE500 Soft Touch Tone Dialer Add-on --  

Replaces transmitter and cap in G-series handsets to permit
tone dialing on rotary sets hooked to Touch-tone lines.

Operates on line power.

Made in the 1970s-80s.

Also merchandised for use on rotary lines when accessing
discount long distance and other Touch-tone services.

Adapter available for GTE/Automatic Electric phones.

Soft Touch Detail Detail of Soft Touch Keypad.  A full-function 12-button keypad.
Softouch - Other Styles
Several other styles were also made.

The lower right version includes memory for speed dialing.
Typical Softouch retail kit
Typical retail kit with warranty and instructions.


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©2002-9 paulf.  All rights reserved.