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WE 307 - party line version (modified)

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Local Battery talking, common battery signalling antisidetone. For use on nonpolarized ringing lines.  B1A ringer, 387A capacitor, 104A coil, 266A inductor.  Hookswitch is labeled "lift plunger to dial or talk"

Note that most 307 variations do not have the party line hookswitch.

WE 307 offhook    Looks pretty much like any other 302 on the outside. 

  The right plunger is lifted to dial or talk.

 WE 307 inside

Inside, we see the components of the H7 mounting.  Base is dated 5/47.

B1A ringer, 387A capacitor, terminal strip, 104A coil, and 266A inductor.

Modifications include the case, extra hookswitch contacts for the plunger and a filter mounted near the dial.

This set is marked on the bottom:  307B - A9838

WE 307 bottom marking

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©2004 paulf.  All rights reserved.