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WE 500C - Modified for Coin Line Use

Used as an extension to permit remote answering of incoming calls on the Coin Line.

Useful, for example, behind the counter of a retail establishment.

Ref: BSP 506-100-108 for technical details and wiring.

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500C - Modified for Coin Line
Western Electric 500C

"Manual Extension Station Service on Semi-public Coin Lines Connected to Coin Telephone Sets"

Someone at the coin phone may join a call answered at the extension.
Pushing the button disconnects the extension from the call.

Calls made from the coin telephone may not be joined at the extension.

Equipment is configured for certain model coin telephones.  See the BSP for details and testing procedures.
500C - Modified - button and label
Customer Instruction Label Text


If someone tries to use coin phone or deposits coins while you are talking, ask that person to hang up until your call is ended. 
PUSH BUTTON on this phone momentarily to prevent cutoff.
500C - D-180405 circuit board and button
D-180405 internal components include the circuit card and pushbutton.
500C - Modified - Ink Stamp

500C - Modified - Paper Label
Sets may be unmarked or marked with ink stamps or paper labels.

Customer Instructions to be posted at the coin telephone.

Nearby extension station can answer incoming calls on this line.

If converstaion is heard when attempting to initiate a call

Instead, carefully hang up the handset.

Wait several minutes before trying again.

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