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WE 500, 500B, 500T & 500K Detail

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WE 500 & 500B: Early single line w/ 425A net, with 311A Equalizer
WE 500T & 500K: Early single line w/ 425A net, no equalizer, but terminal block for handset leads

WE 311A Equalizer  (WE 500 & 500B)                           Terminal Strip (WE 500T & 500K)
WE 311A Equalizer   WE 500T Terminal Strip

311A Equalizer - Tube
Equalizer: Varistor and tube containing filament, thermistor and resistor.
(Bill Geurts photo)

Technical details on the equalizer and 425A network can be found in
"An Improved Telephone Set," Bell System Technical Journal, April 1951.

WE 425A Network (WE 500, 500B, T & K)
WE 425A Network

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©2002-10 paulf.  All rights reserved.