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WE 500 U

Single line w/ hooded dial lamp and night light switch

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WE 500U - Night light and switch Western Electric 500U -- 

Single line w/ hooded dial lamp and night light switch.

With the switch in one position the light only comes on when the handset is lifted.

Rotated 90 degrees, the light glows softly when the handset is on hook (night light) and brighter when off hook (for dialing).

This was the first model in the 500 series to have a clear fingerwheel -- permitting the light to carry around the dial.

Marked 500P/U 12-59

  For details, see the chart entry herre:

  For more info, see the article, "Dialing in the Dark," in the TCI journal Singing Wires, August 2009.

500U Sap and mount
A brass fitting with two small tabs is installed in a hole in the housing to hold the cap.

The cap has a brass "tube" with keyed slots to engage the tabs and a hole for light to pass out the front.

Note that there are several reproduction caps available. Most use a section of brass tubing that has been machined, or are simply glued onto the housing.

The original cap "tube" is made from a flat stamped piece of brass that has been rolled into a tube.  There is a slot at the top of the cap in the photo where the two ends meet.

The inside of the original is painted white to increase light reflection onto the dial.
500U and 500Y sets
500U and 500Y caps are interchangeable.
The same brass fitting is used on the housings of the following sets:

   - Dial Light sets:  500H, 500P and 500U

   - Message Waiting Light sets:  500W and 500Y

The caps are interchangeable.

500U and 500Y cap mount detail

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