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WE 512 - Secretarial Set

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The turn key was used to transfer calls to a secretary or answering service.
I was told that Secretarial sets were popular in the Washington, DC area,
where they were used in large, fancy apartment complexes.

Here's another business that was decimated by automation, after voicemail was introduced.

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Western Electric 512

Switch marked:  TEL LINE/

1. TEL LINE: Operates as a normal single line set.  Single gong ringer rings and can be answered directly.

2. SECRETARIAL:  CO or PBX line is routed to a secretary or answering service.  e.g.  when in conference or away from the office.

The second ringer with square gong (and different ring tone) can be used to signal incoming calls when the service is selected.

WE 512 bottom plate
Marked on bottom 512BCR

Note the phenolic base for the buzzer and ringer.

(WE512 Photos courtesy of an anonymous collector
 -- my lips are sealed.)

WE1512 10-button set

Western Electric 1512

Here's the follow-on model in early TouchTone!

Also in green.

Do you have photos of a 2512 (12-button set) to share?
WE1512 Details
The key label looks like the same one designed for the rotary set that's been cut to fit.
WE Trimline Secretarial
And here's a rotary Trimline with a similar switch and the same darned label!  They must have had a warehouse full of them.

Marked on a paper label on the bottom:  
   AD1 MOD
   E 2110


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