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WE 514 - Headset Jack

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Also showing the evolution to 1514 and 2514 models.
There are also many keysets with headset jacks. See the table for details.

Link to 514s with lamps
WE514 with headset

WE514 with volume control
WE514 with 153B amplifier and headset.

WE514 internals

Western Electric 514

Used primarily for telemarketing applications, where folks are on the phone most of the time and need two hands free to look up information and make notes -- or later, use the computer keyboard.

Switch on the front takes the set off hook, so the headset can be used without lifting the handset.

This set has a plug above and to the left of the dial.  Some sets have an optional small "message waiting" light above the dial (D-179968 or D-179969 kit of parts).

The light could be wired or controlled by the PBX to signal incoming calls, permitting ringers to be turned off in a large "boiler room" full of telemarketers (or support staff).  It could also be lit if a message came in while the user was away from the phone.

Shown with a Western 53 headset.  Many headset models with dual phone plugs could be used.

An external 153B (or similar) amplifier, can also be used to provide volume control.

The headset jack and 241-type amp take up space that is normally used by a 500 set's standard C4A ringer. A single gong N-1 ringer is used, instead.  The ringer volume control is brought out on the side, where it is easier to adjust.
WE 1514 with headset jack

WE 1514 showing headset jack
Western Electric 1514

10-button TouchTone version of the standard single line set with headset jack and switch.

Lever on base behind the handset cord is for ringer volume, so the set doesn't have to be lifted to make frequent adjustments.

Headset Jack on back

Uses a standard headset with double 1/4" plug

Western Electric 2514

12-button TouchTone version of the standard single line set with headset jack and switch.

Note the small red light to the right of the tone pad.  On this set, it's wired to terminals E1 and E2, which connect directly to yellow and black on the line cord.  The light was under direct control of the PBX.
514s with lamps
514D with optional lamp
Western Electric 514BM with optional Lamp

514BMs with beehive lamps

514 with outboard beehive lamps   512 with attached lamp   514 with attached lamp - back view

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