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WE 525

Outdoor Enclosure

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WE 525 B
Western Electric 525B Weatherproof Housing

For outdoor use.   Marked 525B.  The inside of the door has the door's part number: P-14E200.  The door is spring-loaded to close automatically.

The #6 dial has a nice procelain daisywheel surround and plain white number plate.

Inside, the hookswitch has an interesting mount above the dial.  The network and ringer look familiar.

Has a space for an optional KS-8028 lock, which uses a skeleton key. The keyhole has a ridge over it to direct rainfall away from the hole.

KS8028 lock
KS-8028 lock.  See key detail below.

Threaded holes on the top and bottom provide conduit access.

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WE 525 Weatherproof Housing
Western Electric 525BW Weatherproof Housing

For outdoor use.  Marked 525BW.  The final W indicates the phone was supplied without Bell System markings.  The outside of the door is marked "Western Electric" and inside has the door part number the door's part number: P-14E201.  The case is stamped 314WA on the back. 

KS-8028 Lock and Keys

Key Detail
KS-8028 Lock and Keys

Self-locking.  Automatically locks when the door is closed.  Key is required to open the door.

For applications where self-locking is not desirable, a KS-7861 lock may be substituted.

If no lock is present, the door is self-latching, so will stay closed -- even though not secure.

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