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WE 5302 compared to 302 and 500

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The 5302 is a 302 set with plastics that look somewhat like a 500.

For background and details on 5300-series models, see:  WE 300 Types

WE 302
WE 302

The dial and switchhook are mounted to the case.  The remaining components are mounted to the bottom plate.

The dial's number ring is white, with numbers (and letters where present) are visible through the holes in the fingerwheel.

#5 and #6 dials are usually found on the 302 and 5302.
WE 5302

The 3" dial is disguised to look like a 500.  The black number plate has only white dots, and the numbers and letters are on a double injection molded ring around the fingerwheel.  The dial and switchhook are still mounted to the case.

This set has a F1 handset, but G handsets are also found, to make it look even more like a 500-series set.

A unique variation is the "GF" handset that uses a G1 handle but has adapters and different end caps so HA1 and F1 elements (used in the F1 handset) will fit inside.
WE 510
The dial and switchhook are mounted to the bottom plate.  When the case is removed, all parts are still together.  It's much easier to build and maintain.

The dial number plate extends out to a 4" diameter, with the numbers and letters outside the fingerwheel.  #7 and #9 dials are usually found on 500-series sets.

300 set bottom view
WE 302
5302 bottom
WE 302 and 5302 Bottom View

The same base and components are used for both sets.

The 5302 usually had an added ringer adjustment lever and were often stamped with the model number and LOUD with an arrow to show the ringer adjustment.

Ringer Adjustment Lever
WE 5302 Side View WE 5302 Side View

Dimensions: 5"w x 7½"d x 4¼"h (top of cradle)

This one has the "GF" handset, which looks more like the 500's G1 handset, but uses HA1 and F1 elements.

The case had to be made 1¼" shorter to accommodate the base plate of the WE 302.  The front is also a bit higher to accommodate the 302's ringer gongs, which were at the front of the phone, while the 500D's were at the back of the phone.  Therefore, the dial angle was a little different.  Note that the dial also sticks up a bit more from the level of the case.

WE 500D Side View

WE 500T bottom view
WE 500D Side and Bottom Views

Dimensions: 5"w x 8¾"d x 4¼"h (top of cradle)

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