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Western Electric 558

Two line wall w/ signal key, control leads and A-lead control for 1A2.

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WE 558F 2-line with Signaling and exclusion Western Electric 558 2-Line -- 

Two-line wall w/ signal key, exclusion, control leads and A-lead control for 1A2.

Marked 558F 6-76.

558 exclusion key
Exclusion key mounts in the top right corner.

Plunger is in the normal position.  Pull up to exclude.
558 exclusion - top view
Top view shows the arm that resets the switch when the handset goes on-hook.
558 exclusion - side view
Side view.  The bulge on the left of the plunger activates the switch.
  The narrow section to the right of the switch engages the reset arm.

The switch is loosely coupled to the L-bracket mounting arm, so it will self-position in the hole in the housing without putting excessive stress on the hole in the plastic.
558 exclusion mount- back
Back view shows the two mounting rivets on the upper left.

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©2002-14 paulf.  All rights reserved.