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Western Electric 1A and 1A1 Speakerphones

592 desk set.

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Announced in 1954.

BSP references for the 1A Speakerphone are listed in the table of 500-Series Telephone Types.

The 1A Speakerphone is also featured in "Can You Hear Me Now? - Early Western Electric 500 Amplified Sets,"
in the July 2009 issue of TCI's Singing Wires.

WE 592 Speakerphone Western Electric 592 Telephone -- Uses a 'microphone' in the lower right corner of the base and a separate 758 speaker.  This set also includes a WE549B metal 4-button box for signalling. 
Set bottom is marked 592B 2-55.  Case is 'soft plastic' 
In those days, they couldn't fit all the works in the phone base (see below).
WE592 Front Detail  
WE592 Front Switches  
WE592 Switch Detail
Detail showing front controls and microphone grille. 
  VOL sets the speaker volume.
  ON changes to "distant talking" (speakerphone) mode.
  OFF changes to handset mode.

Detail with plastic trim removed, showing the metal grille protecting the 'microphone.' 

Detail with case removed, showing the 'microphone' is a standard U1 element.  Yes, this is the same element that is used as a receiver in G-series handsets.

WE592 Control Box
WE592 showing Tubes
1A Speakerphone Control Unit

Here's the control unit at the end of the cords from the phone and speaker, with the plain gray cover removed. 

Marked:  WE KS 14964 L2 Control Unit, 115 volts 60 cycles 8 watts. 

9' x 6.5" x 5", 9 pounds.  How transistors have simplified things.  Imagine mounting this on the wall or under your desk.
Detail showing the two vacuum tubes for amplification.

1A and 1A1 Speakerphones

1A Speakerphone uses KS 14964 or KS 14964 L2 control.

1A1 Speakerphone uses KS 14964 L3 or KS 16162 L2 control.  This provides "12-db increase in receive volume and reduces far-end talker echo under most conditions."

                speakerphone with 500S
Here's a 1A speakerphone using a 500S phone and seperate transmitter (656A) instead of the 592 integrated set.

It uses the same type speaker (758A) and KS 14964 L2 Control Unit.

All the components in this set are dated during 1957 and desktop components are in soft plastic rose beige.

The BSPs also show connection diagrams for keysts, 211 "hang-up" sets and other sets.

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2002-7 paulf.  All rights reserved.