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Western Electric 661 Automatic Dialer


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WE 661 Card Dialer
Western Electric 661

6-button keyset, light gray.  Dialer operating buttons for Start and Eject.

Storage bins for cards, separated by index dividers.

Marked 661-A1  1-63

Mounting cord with 25-pair amp connector.

 WE Card Dialer cards
Cards for Automatic Dialers

Top row: Cards are physically identical but are marked for :
  1. Rotary or 10-button tone sets (digits 1-0 only)
  2. 12-button tone with star and diamond keys.
  3. 12-button tone with * and # keys

Bottom: 16-digit Card
  Only one row of sprocket holes and rectangular (not circular) holes.
  Used by the F-58554 set and 1037B dial adjunct (F-58556)
  Programmable for digits 0-9, *, #, a, b, c and d for use in special applications
    such as banking or inventory control.

Autovon 16-button Card (not shown)
  Looks like cards on the top row, but is wider to accommodate
     an additional row of holes.

All use a 2 of 8 code:  2 punches in a column for each digit.  The dialer stops after the last punched digit. 

A punch in the "STOP" row tells the dialer to stop.  Pressing START continues dialing from the same card.  This is useful if an access code is needed to secure an outside line, or between an account code and password, etc.

Once punched, the card is a read-only storage device.

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©2002-12 paulf.  All rights reserved.