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Western Electric 691

Subscriber Subset.

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Used with data set 101A in Models 14, 15 and 19 teletypewriters.
WE 691A
Western Electric 691A Subset

6-button keyset.

Has no hookswitch or transmitter element

Uses 732A receiver (which looks like a G3 handset with no holes in the transmitter cap!). 
Western Electric markings.

The housing is soft plastic and has Bell System markings.

Mounting cord with 25-pair amp connector.

WE 691A front view
Keys are all illuminated and marked:
| ANS | CLEAR | ORIG |       |TEST | LOC |

First 4 are momentary, last two lock.

Behind the transmitter cap is a cup used for cord strain relief, but with no riveted transmitter contacts.  The standard handset cord has only 2 conductors used.  The transmitter contacts are just hanging around inside.
WE 691A inside
425F network

589S Key

7L dial with numbers-only plate (double injection molded white numbers).

C4A ringer

Really -- no hookswitch!

Bottom plate marked, “SUB SET 691A  7-62”.

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©2002 paulf.  All rights reserved.