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Military Version of the 302

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Although the TP6A looks a lot like a standard 302 desk set, several modifications were needed
 to meet the specifications of the US Government for military use.

WE TP6A dial Dial sets were provided with a Telephonics or Automatic Electric dial, with the finger stop in the 6 o'clock position, not a Western Electric dial.
WE TP6A manual, handset cord
Cords have large grommets that seal the opening in the housing for the cord.

This original cord also has a metal band around the cord, near the set end.
WE TP6A bottom

The bottom plate is different from the production plate.

It fastens to the housing with 4 screws (not two) -- one on each side of the base.  Grooves are stamped along the edges, minimizing flexing of the base, resulting in a tighter fit.

Internal components and wiring are coated with a moisture and fungus proofing solution.  As noted on the bottom, this must be removed if resoldering or reconnecting is necessary.

There are no openings for the ringer sound, as on the production sets.

WE TP6A handset handle marking
The handle is stamped with the US Government contract reference, and has no Bell System markings.

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©2009 paulf.  All rights reserved.