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This model was used in Field Trials in about 1960 (just after the introduction of the Princess sets in 1959), but was never produced in volume.  Curiously, Western never aggressively marketed a small format rotary wall phone.  They continued selling the larger 554.  

Miniwall rotary sets were sold actively by Stromberg Carlson (later Comdial) and others.

Photos are from a set that was auctioned in 2004.

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For much more background on this set and its history, see the article:
"Slimphone" -- the Wall Princess?"
in TCI's Singing Wires, February 2017, p. 1
(Available online to TCI Members in the Members Area.)

Compact Wall Set side view 
This phone has a substantial metal backplate and a heavy cast metal cradle.

The dial appears to be like the production Princess #8 dial, but is marked F-53526.

Handset is a standard G3.

Note the vents at the bottom for the ringer sound.
 Compact Wall Set Offhook
The switchhook projects through a rectangular hole between the cradle ears.  (Similar in concept to the 1554 TouchTone set that came out in 1963.)

There appears to be an access cover below and to the left of the dial to remove the dial light bulb for replacement.  It's non-functional in this set.  The cover must be removed to change the bulb.
Compact Phone Switchhook 
Here's a detail of the switchhook.
Compact Phone Inside View
Inside view with the cover and cradle removed.

I've also seen the interesting square gong ringer, which became the G1-type ringer. It was used in telephone sets where space was at a premium and on several pay phones.
Compact Phone back marking
F-53397 B  5-60
F-53397 A with sounder
Yes, there was also a F-53397 A set. This one is dated 3-60.

It has an experimental sounder, instead of a ringer.
Compact Wall Set Wood Model Here's an even scarcer wood model of the phone from John LaRue's collection in the JKL Museum.

(Photo courtesy of Wayne Merit.)
Compact Wall Brochure Photo
Compact Wall Phone in an early 1960s Bell System brochure featuring some of the products in development.

(Scan from David Massey.)

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