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Why Did They Do That?

Things we wish we didn't find!

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Leich Flashlight! Leich Handset Flashlight

Someone cleverly took a perfectly good Leich handset, such as the one in the background, and decided it should be turned into a flashlight. 

The receiver and receiver cap were replaced with a reflector, lens and bulb.  The transmitter was replaced with metal mesh with a pushbutton.  Low voltage DC was introduced through the coiled line cord -- either from a power supply for fixed operation or a battery for remote work.

Papered Princess Wallpapered Princess

Here's a perfectly good pink Western Electric 701B -- early model Princess phone, with an overdose of contact paper. 

Someone spent a lot of time putting this on. 

Bet it takes me less time to get it off!

Western Electric Camera Stand Western Electric Camera Stand??

Yup, it's a 20-series candlestick base that was guillotined and married to a camera mount.  It's marked and has the cord hole in back.  In case you're interested, the camera is a Kodak Bantam Special -- itself a Deco classic.

Makes you wonder where the top went...

Western Electric Desk Microphone ...I should have known it would turn up.

At a different flea market a few weeks later this "Western Electric Desk Microphone" turned up.  Fate works in strange ways!

WE D1F1 Pink Amateur Paint Job

A Classic Western Electric D1 cradle with F1 handset was updated to 50's splendor with this great paint job.  They were thorough -- the dial center and fingerstop felt the brush.
WE D1E1 Lamps Phone Lamps

What's worse than turning one classic phone into a lamp? 

They really blasted everything -- a big hole through the handset for the rod that holds the bulb, removed the switchhook, removed the dial mechanism and hooked a switch up to the fingerwheel. 

At least they mounted the handsets in opposite directions, so they can be used as a pair.  And it is kind of cute to turn the dial to switch the light on and off.

Click here for more phone lamps.

WE #2 Dial with notched plate Hacked Number Plate

Here's aWestern Electric #2 dial that was found with a damaged porcelain number plate. 

It looks like some clever devil tried to cut a notch in it so it would fit on a later #4 dial with "inside" fingerstop. 
OUCH!  Wish it had been left alone!

Red 302 Notched for modular jack
Notched For Modular Jacks

How can we keep the notchers away from our phones?

Here is the back of a potentially valuable RED WE302 that's  been hacked in back for a modular jack.  At least in this case this was probably done after the corners were cracked.
WE2500D Mod Conversion
Here's another attempt at Modular Conversion.

Unfortunately they screwed the block on through the case and drilled a hole for the wires.  They could have mounted it with foam tape and run the wires through the existing notch or under the case edge.

So close!

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©2002 paulf.  All rights reserved.