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I never set out to collect speakerphones, but do like phones with unusual knobs, buttons and switches, so speakerphones naturally found me -- with a little help from collecting friends Don P., Alec S., Barry H. and Walt A.

WE592 Speakerphone
Western Electric 1A Speakerphone -- Uses a 'microphone' in the lower right corner of the base and a separate speaker.  Also includes a WE549B metal 4-button box for signalling. 

Marked 592B 2-55  Case is 'soft plastic' 

In those days, they couldn't fit all the works in the phone base so click here to see where the wires go and for more detailed photos of the front controls.

SC1583 Speakerphone Stromberg Carlson 1583 Speakerphone -- Uses a separate microphone and speaker in the back of the metal base. 

Marked 1583 AW  Case is early gray 'soft plastic' handset is bakelite. 

Click here for details.

AE Speakerphone AE88 SPEAKERPHONE -- The standard Automatic Electric Model 80 desk set modified for speakerphone use.  The on/off switch is on the lower left, a signal lamp in the upper left and a volume control in the upper right.  The microphone is behind the chrome grille below the dial. 

Marked NA88210 CSL S  11-59 

AE 88AT Speakerphone

AE 88AT Speakerphone

AE 88AT Speakerphone -- The same works as above, but without the phone. 

Marked L7034 BO on base and L7033 BO on speaker

AE Executive Speakerphone AE TYPE 880 "EXECUTIVE MODEL" SPEAKERPHONE -- Obviously the "Suits" had trouble figuring out how to turn the standard model on and off.  In any case, they needed a bigger phone with a bigger speaker on their bigger desks. 

Marked Type 880 Monophone  NB 88015 CSL  2-62 

Somewhere there must be a model with "VOLUME" in big letters under the volume control. 

 Check here for related models

Ericsson Speakerphone ERICSSON "LOUDSPEAKER TELEPHONE" -- Who stole the handset?  Actually, if it's a speakerphone (sorry, loudspeaker telephone), who needs a handset?  The buttons on top are for on/off, volume (2 choices) and mute.  Must be for the conference room. 

Marked DBE 110-129  (ca. 1964) 

(Thanks to Don Price for finding this one in Canada!)


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©2002-3 paulf.  All rights reserved.