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WE 354C Special

Wall set modified for 2-line operation

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This set is basically a wall version of the 410 2-line desk set.
There was apparently not a formal model number assigned to a 2-line wall set in the 300 series.
(The 500 series 2-line wall set is a 558.  Photo here.)

Photos and the following description were provided by Fred, N4YQT
and are used with permission.  (All rights reserved.)

2-line set or for use with KTS 1A, 1A1, and 1A2 systems, turn-switch on bottom right corner of the dial.

 Key can be wired for 2-line pickup or one line pickup with extension cut-off, ringer cut-off or headset control. 
Push button for signaling. The hookswitch has the capability of A-lead control.

WE354C Special 2-line wall set

WE354C Special inside     WE354C Special Backplate

Added components include the line switch (turnkey with pushbutton for signaling) and
44A terminal block to providewiring points.

Note the 2 extra screw heads on the back for mounting the line switch.

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©2008 paulf.  All rights reserved.