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Added a page for the WE 37A Dial Mounting, used to add a dial to Manual Wall Sets.

Updated and reformatted info in the table on Western Electric A thru G mountings used in 100 and 200-series Model Numbers

Added a Trimline-based Elevator phone to Western Electric Trimline Telephones.

Added info on the Dataphone 103G4, with integrated card dialer to WE Automatic Dialers.

Added navigation links to the home page and Site Map (Shortcuts).

Added a page on Western Electric Number Plates to the home page list.  Comments and corrections are welcome.

Added links to the Site Map (Shortcuts).

Added info on early NCR Credit Verification equipment to NCR Charge Phone Credit System.

Added a page on Commemorative Telephones -- still under development -- to the home page list.

Added a page on Western Electric K-type Handsets.  Thanks Steve Hart.

Added description of the
2-line Card Dialer, 2660 A3. Thanks Sam Corcione.

Added info on the military secure AUTOVON set TA-814/G.

Added a profile of the Bell System Telephone Almanacs.

Added instructions on how to set and use the LCD clock in the Showcase Olympic Telephones.

Added a Contempra set equipped with Broadcast Coupler to the Contempra page.

Added a detail page for the Contempra set equipped with
Broadcast Coupler.

Moved Northern Electric Contempra set variations from the Imagination page to a new Contempra page.

Added the Western Electric 301A set and 1010A handset.

Added an entry for the 2853 wall keyset for ComKey to the 2500-series page.

Added photos of the interchangeable 500U and 500Y caps to the 500U page.

Added a page for the WE 500C - Modified for Coin Line Use.  It's a manual extension on a line with a Coin Telephone.

Added navigation to the Speakerphones pages.  You can use the on-page links as browser favorites or to send links to others.

Added a section on Western Electric MODIFIED Card Dialers.

Added the NE QKC1B Teletrainer to Teletrainers.

Added photos of Data Phones -- 401E and 804A here.

Added photos of a 25W3 dial converted from 10- to 12-buttons to 10-button Dial Upgrade

Added Donate buttons.  The site has been ad-free since its creation.  Please help keep it that way.  Funds are used to help cover costs and to purchase research materials to help expand the site.  Contributions of telephone-related documents are always welcome.

Added a reference and photo ID page for Teletrainers.

Added detail photos of the WE 558 wall set exclusion key.

Added on-page links to handset types to Western Electric Handset Styles.

Added a page for Western Electric Secretarial Sets.

Added the 537A telephone set.  (Anyone have the BSP or a photo?)

Added a page for Color ads and brochures to support Phones in Color

Added info on F-58554 and F-58555 Card Dialers and their unique cards.

Added Western Electric Automatic Dialers and provided navigation among Card Dialer table pages.

Added info and charts on the amazing 1948 Media, PA Pushbutton Dialing Field Trial Telephone.

Added a page on Western Electric Handset Mountings -- from A to S.

Added a page on Western Electric Handsets -- from the 1001 to the R-type.

Added component photos to WE 5302.

Added photos of 514 sets with optional lamps.

Added photos of several sets including 500H, 500P, 500U,
570 and 581A to WE500-series charts.

Added photos of a Trimline II, F-55580 field trial set here  and on the linked page.

Added photos and on-page references to the WE Princess page.

Added photos of an ivory NE Uniphone.

Added photos and company info to the TeleQuest page.

Cleaned up text and formatting in the WE500-series and WE3500-series charts.

Added a page on Northern Telecom "Imagination" Telephones.  (1970s-80s)

Added photos and reformatted the page on WE302 Field Trial Sets.

Added formatting and additional links to the BSP page.

Added info comparing the D-177001 early 500 set prototype with 1949 and 1950 WE500 sets here.

Added a page on 95-type Apparatus Blanks for the 500-series.

Added photos and a separate photo column to the WE300-series,  WE1500-series and WE2500-series pages.

Added a page for 500-like telephones (Phones from other US manufacturers).

Added a page for the NCR Charge Phone Credit System.

Added the TeleQuest Notepad Plus telephone.

Added a Vesco lever-operated intercom and photos of additional Amplicalls.

Added a page for the WE TP-6-A, military version of the 302.

Added thumbnails to many models on the WE300-series page.

Added Intercoms by Edwards, DeVeau and Couch to Intercoms Page.

Added photos of variations of SoftTouch dialers to the Soft Touch page.

Added pages for Phone Lamps and 1970s designer phones from Teleconcepts  and TeleQuest.

Added a page on Bell System Publications.

Added a page on North H-series Set Ringers.

Added a page for the WE354C Special wall set - modified for 2-line operation.

Added a page on Bell System BSPs.

Created new pages for WE1500 types and WE2500 types

Moved Princess and Design Line phones off the WE500 types page to WE Princess and WE Design Line pages and added photos.

Added feature thumbnails to WE500 types.

Began adding home page icons and navigation links to upper left corner of pages.

Site relocated to domain  Please update your bookmarks!

Added a page for AUTOVON sets.

Added Leich 100 and North 7H6 Conversion colors to Phones in Color!

Added references and description info on WE 1A Speakerphones.

Revised dates for 500-series Component Evolution, based on studying press releases, photos and sets.

Added a section on the 500-types page: When was my 500-type set built?

Added 500-series model number photos to How to Use and Model Number sections.

Added BSP references to G Handsets.

Added Shortcuts page to help you find stuff faster.

Added color info on North 541 sets.

Added letter codes to AE colors.

Added info on WE575 and other ComKey keysets to WE500 types.
Added info and photos on the WE 581A.

Added new content to rotary and touchtone prototype pages WE prototypes.

Added info on 2504 and 3504 sets to WE500 types.

Revised release date of new WE colors to August 1957. WE500 colors and Phones in Color!

Updated the Wanted List.

Added pages for WE507 and 509, 500F and NE501F, and WE332.

Updated and reformatted comments in the WE500 types table key.

Added Northern Electric Uniphones page.

Added Northern Electric 532B to 532B.

Added Picturephones and many sets to WE prototypes.

Added WE568HT.

Added prototypes at Disneyland's House of Tomorrow Exhibit (1958).

Added and revised BSP references on WE300 types and WE500 types.

Added info on military models and 5302 descriptions to WE300 types.

Added a timeline for Western Electric prototypes to WE prototypes.

Changed email address on html pages.  If you find any I missed, please let me know!

Added WE 307 details and photos to WE300 types.

Added G11 handset info to the handset section of WE500 types.

Added WE300 types and revised keyset info on WE500 types .

Added Phones in Color! and WE Color Codes Chart.

Added photos of dial and wall sets to "Dial-In-Handset" prototypes in the Collectors' Corner.

Revised introduction and Automatic Dialer info on WE500 types.

Added photos to Rauland Intercoms.

Added photos and a new page behind Telephones in the Movies and on TV.

Added WE514 and 2514 to WE514.

Added AE/Western Union Voice Data set  and a Kellogg receiver to Telephone Curiosities.

Added photos of WE1512 and Trimline to WE512 Secretarial Sets.

Added WE514, WE661 Card Dialer and WE691 Subset to WE500 types.

Added new photos to the Telephones in the Movies and on TV.  

Added Trimline-style Field Trial Sets to the Collectors' Corner.

Added F-52578 set to the Collectors' Corner.

Added show photos of prototype 302 and Princess sets to the Collectors' Corner.

Added fantasy phones with #2 dials to Curious.

Added WE520 and Callbox phone , updated WE525 (and added 525B) and WE500 types.

Added Magnavox hype to Coryphone.

Added photos of North desk sets to North 555 Telephones and North Desk Sets.

Changed email address and site URL -- Please update bookmarks!!
Added North 555 sets to Dial Desk Sets.

Added Star Trek pilot to Telephones in the Movies and on TV.  

Added 522 “elevator phone” and modified 564, 565 and 510 descriptions on WE500 types.

Reformatted the WE500 types Table Key .

Added "Wrong is Right" to Telephones in the Movies and on TV.  

Added Olympics '84 Models to WE500 types.

Added Merlin Colors to WE500 types.

Added post-1980 Design Line Models to WE500 types.

Added 691 keyset and details on early 500 models to WE500 types.

Added Design Line Phones and additional Call Directors to WE500 types.

Added Card Dialers, Call Directors , Wall Keysets and additional Panel Phones to WE500 types.
Added Della's Telephone Number to Telephones in the Movies and on TV.

Added WE Camera Stand and Desk Microphone to Why Did They Do That?

Added more details on North desk sets and copies to North Desk Set and Copies.

Added Keychains showing "original" 500-series colors to WE500 types.

Added Princess, Panel Phones and Handsets to WE500 types.

Added Connecticut Wall Phone to Wall Telephones.

Added AE890 and Soft Touch Dialer to Telephone Curiosities.

Added description of Heraldo Spanish Wall Phone to Wall Phones.

Updated List of WE500 types including additional photos: WE500U , WE512 , WE525 , WE558 , WE591 , and WE595

Added WE592, SC1583, and AE7034  to Speakerphones.

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